Aurras Pendant Necklace


One-of-kind articulated bezel-set diamond fringe pendant necklace featuring a center row of radiant bezel-set cabochon emeralds from MUZO, in 14kt yellow gold.

Inspired by the movement of lush fronds, each row of articulated bezel-set diamonds delicately separate and take shape on the neck as you move.
A radiating central spine of bezel-set cabochon emeralds from MUZO anchor the pendant and catch the light as the diamonds dance around them.

  • Diamond Weight: 1.89 carats
  • Emerald Weight: 3.99 carats
  • Emerald Cut: Cabochon
  • Ref: 1N1024GS-EM

Ondyn & Muzo Foundation project

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Key pillars of the organization include Education, Food Security and Productive Projects, and Institutional Strengthening and Leadership.

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