Essential Emeralds

Essential Emeralds

By: Beth Bernstein

Hope, prosperity and renewal, three meanings that are associated with emeralds underscore this vibrant gem’s popularity for 2021. We needed a little of all of these aspects to get us through the rougher times, but as emerald enthusiasts, we have always loved the pop of color—the character and personality as no two emeralds are exactly alike. We marvel at their natural beauty–they can be the lush and luxurious or more subtle and subdued in their range of hues. Mostly we are smitten with how they can work with numerous trends, many of which are some of 2021’s prevalent and current themes.

Personally, I am a fan of the nod to ancient and antiques styles with which many established and emerging designers have imbued their newest collections. But whatever type of emerald look you are hankering for, they are all out there for you to choose the style and color that suits you the best.

Here in our own little emerald city, we chose four directions that all are relevant and enduring at the same time.


We are all in the mood for a little glamour, cocktails parties and celebrating significant occasions, dancing the night away or just a cozy dinner for two. What better way to add a little elegance and luxury to our wardrobes than with the exotic verdant green of Colombian emeralds. In this trend we see chandelier earrings, charm necklaces that do double time with meaning and a playful sophistication and cocktail rings. We still need to social distance, stay out of crowded indoor spaces and wear masks indoors to feel just a little safer but we can still enjoy the enchantment of our emeralds as we slowly get back to a more normal lifestyle.


From geometric and angular shapes in stones to mixing this magical deep green gem with black onyx, diamonds and enamel, designers are borrowing elements from the Art Deco movement, when new cuts, proportions and techniques took over jewelry trends. But today’s pieces are finely tuned to work with current fashion. Designers also take the cuts and shapes of emeralds a step further with plenty of hexagon and octagon shapes. This is in addition to the stone cuts which have made their way back into rotation: marquise, baguette, emerald, cushion, trillion and pear shapes. We are seeing everything from eternity bands to linear earrings,  intricately detailed cocktail rings and statement necklaces.



Ancient times inspire designers to create pieces around emeralds that evoke the tactile nuances, old world goldsmithing techniques and shapes that offer a new presence for the handwork of the past and in different cultures and civilizations. In this theme, motifs as well as the meaning behind the pieces are all part of the revival of the history of the jewels that are rendered with a contemporary sensibility for the modern woman to wear.



The natural occurring perfectly beautiful imperfections which create the star like structures in trapiche emerald, subtler green hues and cabochon cuts lend themselves to more rough-hewn styles in this trend.

Muisca White and Yellow Drop Earrings

Imaginative styles also layer and cluster different sizes of deeper richer cabochons for a more elegant approach. 

In this style the looks are singular one-a-kind and statement making.