Buying Guide

Colombian Emeralds are the most admired and desired green gemstones in the international jewelry market. Their beauty and rareness proceed from features exclusive to these stones. 

Here are some of the key features that make a Colombian emerald so special.


What do just MUZO emeralds have that makes them so beautiful? Without a doubt, their tone and color. It is a vivid green hue, very different from others, neither too blue nor too yellow.
There is a wide spectrum of tones, ranging from lighter to darker.

Paramount to the quality of an emerald is a uniform and homogeneous distribution of color in the stone.

Inline content


Clarity of emeralds is marked by inclusions — typical features developed during their formation process inside the mountain veins.
Emerald buyers recognize different types of inclusions, which make each emerald stone unique, and also give indications as to its origin.
As they remind of plant foliage, inclusions are also known as "jardin".

Emerald Jardin


The gem cutter’s art is arguably the most complex, but also the most important part of the process; it serves to highlight the color and brightness of the stone, by selecting the ideal shape and optimal facet count.
The right proportions, symmetry and finish exalt the gem's beauty, and so increase its value.

Gem Cutter's Art


Fracture-filling treatments are widely approved in the gem trade for stones with inclusions.
Only very few emeralds requiring no treatment, as more than 95% of emeralds are treated with natural oils.
The purpose of treatment is to enhance the stone’s beauty by cleaning away residues left by the mine and cutting processes, and by moisturizing the stone with oils that will not affect its tone or its color.

Baroque Cut Muzo Emerald


While Colombian emeralds are highly valued for their quality and unique color, Muzo Emerald Colombia also provide exclusive origin and traceability certification, a guarantee of ethical sourcing and handling - from the mine all the way up to its final sale – through the implementation of our Social Responsibility and Sustainability standards along the whole production chain.

Certificate of Origin and Traceability

These gems are Colombia’s ambassadors and emblem before the world, and Muzo Emerald Colombia turns them into the most exclusive luxury exports on the international jewelry scene.

The ancient legend of El Dorado has become reality, and the world can shine green again thanks to the beauty of Colombia’s green gold.