The Green Jewel Earrings

Masterpiece n°3

Inspired by the first Green Jewel ring that started the collaboration in 2017, this pair was only recently finished as it took four years for Muzo to find identical, vibrant green color emerald cushion-cut gemstones that would mirror the same exceptional quality as the ring. The partnership was highly lauded during its initial debut as it united Muzo Emerald Colombia, renowned as the finest and most exclusive emeralds in the world, with the beyond rare and much coveted Argyle pink diamonds. These two gems, both breathtakingly beautiful and contrasting in color mark a shining example of elegance, innovation and responsible sourcing.

Featuring 13.78 carats of cushion cut Muzo (NO OIL SSEF and AGL accompanied by two appendix letters), the earrings are accented by natural fancy-to-intense Argyle pink diamond pavé, totaling more than 6.50 carats, and set into 18K rose gold. The style showcases an equally beautiful back setting design, a floral shaped design that calls to mind the original garden-themed collection. The scarcity of the pink diamonds, now that Argyle has closed its mine, adds to the intrigue.