The Green Jewel Ring

Masterpiece n°1

The first Green Jewel Collection of 2017 first brought Muzo and Argyle Pink Diamonds together in a beautiful alliance. Both presented rare, exquisite treasures from Earth’s deepest natural vaults — exceptionally fine emeralds from the ancient mountain mines of Colombia and, from halfway across the world, beyond rare vivid pink diamonds unearthed beneath the rugged, red wilderness of Australia’s remote East Kimberly region. A collection of sixteen high jewelry masterpieces designed to best showcase these exceptionally fine gemstones was born. Stunning greens and pinks — a floral palette so abundant in nature — was presented in intricate jeweled bouquets.Like a mythical flower that blooms once in a hundred years, a 13.20-carat gem-quality Colombian emerald was made into a ring amid a floret of enchanting pink diamonds, mesmerizing all who laid eyes on it. This rare stone was a homogenous deep green of incredible clarity. Christened the Green Jewel, it was the crown jewel in the collection it inspired. The Green Jewel Collection embarked on a round-the-world journey — stops included Hong Kong, Geneva, Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Basel and Las Vegas — with almost all of the pieces snapped up by the cognoscenti within months of debut. While the jewelry pieces have found their place with new owners, it was only the beginning of the next chapter in this special collaboration.