The Green Jewel

Majestique, the latest in the visionary Green Jewels collaboration, marks the third time two legendary mines have come together to create brilliant, responsibly-sourced earth magic. Mother nature has both inspired and created the enchanting gems that form deep within the earth’s surface: the emeralds, a gift from the ancient Los Andes mountains of Colombia, and the pink diamonds, sourced from the rugged, red wilderness of Australia’s remote East Kimberly region. The Argyle pink diamond mines ceased production late last year, rendering those in this collection rare and even more covetable. The rarity of the Argyle pink diamonds coupled with the brilliance of Muzo's magnificent emeralds provides an unprecedented investment opportunity; a unique occasion to own a masterpiece jewel of contemporary, wearable art.

Produced in the finest atelier ten one-of-a-kind pieces including rings pendants and earrings reveal uncompromising craftsmanship expert design. featuring no-oil emeralds an array of most striking vivid fancy pink diamonds jewels are finished with fine gold white diamonds.

Majestique pays respect to a color palette found in the natural world, the unyielding beauty of flora is inspired by the springtime cycle of rebirth and renewal. The first blooms of rare pink flowers and sumptuous verdant plants are brought to life in exquisite jewels that gracefully capture the captivating colors, conjuring an exotic garden of earthly delights. The magnificent Colombian emeralds and unparalleled Argyle pink diamonds suggest jeweled bouquets that signify hope, prosperity, growth and rejuvenation.

In an age of global conservation, The Green Jewel is a celebration of natural beauty that carefully honors the source. Both Muzo and Argyle are committed to the very best mining practices and offer complete traceability for every gemstone. Giving back through environmental and social responsibility is a core tenet of each brand; inspiring the next generation and setting the new industry standards for responsible mining.