The Green Jewel Collection

In early 2017, a brilliant relationship between two unique and precious gems was born. Muzo emeralds were combined with the beyond rare Argyle pink diamonds. These two gems, both breathtakingly beautiful and contrasting in color are responsibly sourced and ethically mined.

The union is the cornerstone of the masterfully designed first jewellery collection.

The collection started with a masterpiece: The Green Jewel Ring.

A 13.20-carat Muzo emerald with a halo of Argyle pink diamonds in a ring that fetched US$1.2 million at auction by Christies. Appetites whet, connoisseurs wanted more of these jewels bearing exceptional Colombian emeralds and beyond rare pink diamonds. The Green Jewel Collection was born — a suite of sixteen high jewelry pieces in a palette of intense greens juxtaposed with dazzling pinks.