Jenna Blake
Shell Charm


Jenna Grosfeld, founder and designer of Jenna Blake, is inspired by her deep love for vintage collectibles, art history, and worldly travels. The designer aims to celebrate natural motifs that carry historical symbolism by using unexpected yet complementary hues, patterns, bold shapes, and textures. Grosfeld’s handcrafted wearable art often features rare and vivid stones designed to be
layered to perfection.

“I chose to create fantastical, almost dream-like pieces that would only enhance the magnificent rich green beauty of Muzo emeralds. Much like the emerald itself, the pieces are steeped in the earth’s foundation, yet take you to a place you can only dream of. One of my favorite techniques is to create the illusion of movement around a beautiful stone to highlight its inherent regal qualities.”

18k yellow gold  Muzo Emeralds 2ct  Lavendar Enamel  Diamonds 0.75ct