Ondyn X The Muzo Foundation Project

The Muzo Foundation's mission is to build a new Western Boyacá; sustainable, competitive and innovative, with a focus on shared responsibility. Our vision is to transform the region and create social unity.
Every purchase helps contribute to our local environment and community; giving back to the source and getting us one step closer to achieving our global objectives.


ONDYN is a modern, fine jewelry collection, inspired by the power of movement and its ability to harness energy and catch light. This idea is forged into each of our fine jewelry pieces allowing the jewelry to ‘move’ with the essence of its wearer. Hand crafted with 14-karat gold, each creation evokes a fluid sculptural identity, achieved by ONDYN’s signature articulated diamond bezel setting. Through combining technical ingenuity and a refined architectural aesthetic, ONDYN’s pieces drape like a second skin, taking shape on the body and manifesting a kinetic flow to create the new visual language of diamond jewelry.

ONDYN Fine Jewelry is proud to announce the launch of the ONDYN x MUZO collection, comprised of five one-of-a-kind pieces designed by ONDYN founder and designer, Tara Maria Famiglietti. Each of the pieces in the capsule collection feature vivid green cabochon emeralds from Muzo Emerald Colombia.

A percentage of proceeds from each sale will benefit the MUZO Foundation, which supports sustainable mining initiatives, education, food security, improved living conditions, community growth, and the health and safety of the miners and their families in Boyacá, Colombia.

MUZO's transparency and commitment to environmental and social responsibility aligns with ONDYN's transparent sourcing and sustainability initiatives making our partnership not only about the joy of jewelry but about our harmony and movement with Mother Nature

Tara Maria Famiglietti.

The ONDYN X MUZO capsule collection beautifully combines ONDYN’s signature bezel articulation, drape and form while highlighting the beauty and shape of the MUZO emeralds.