Build a new west of Boyacá, sustainable,
competitive and innovative, with a focus on
shared responsibility.

Our Strategy

We are a non-profit subsidiary of the Muzo group and we are in charge of supporting the social management of the group's companies.

We scale our impact considering three fundamental aspects to transform the region in a sustainable way: capacity building, working together and the importance of all generations. Thus, three strategic lines require our actions:

The vision of the Muzo Foundation is aligned with the Universal Agreement for Sustainable Development and the organization tracks progress and positioning in achievements such as:

Muzo Foundation Projects:

Education Line

Education is the transforming axis of society. We promote human development through creative and innovative training strategies that build generations of progress, from early childhood to higher education.

Food Safety and Productive Projects Line

We work to combat hunger in rural populations and promote the implementation of productive alternatives that allow the sustainable economic growth of communities.

Institutional Strengthening and Leadership Line

We inspire communities to build a better future. We train today's leaders to build a territory of progress for all.

Health Line

Health is a fundamental right of every human being. We support access to medical services for the most vulnerable populations.