Backup of Ondyn X The Muzo Foundation Project

The Muzo Foundation's mission is to build a new Western Boyacá; sustainable, competitive and innovative, with a focus on shared responsibility. Our vision is to transform the region and create social unity.
Every purchase helps contribute to our local environment and community; giving back to the source and getting us one step closer to achieving our global objectives.


ONDYN is a modern, fine jewelry collection, inspired by the universal element that connects us all – movement. Conceptualized by New York City based designer, Tara Maria Famiglietti, each creation evokes a fluid sculptural identity, achieved by using the most precious materials and signature articulated diamond bezel setting.

With composition that is both sleek and elegant, ONDYN incorporates the gentle fluidity of movement into its design to create jewelry that moves with you. Through combining technical ingenuity and a refined architectural aesthetic, ONDYN'S pieces drape like a second skin, taking shape on the body and sending diamonds in motion - manifesting the kinetic flow of the sea to create a new visual language for the elemental world.