Leila, a feminine name, representing a mysterious dark haired beauty with a captivating touch of sparkling elegance.

The largest gem in this collection, the 16.11ct, no-oil Muzo Emerald is elegantly set with 1.69cts of Argyle pink diamonds together with white diamonds in platinum and 18K gold.

The Green Jewel Tradition Collection is an evolution of the illustrious collaboration between Muzo Emerald Colombia and Argyle Pink Diamonds that began in 2017. Its vibrant silhouettes remain true to the original Green Jewel form while revealing an innovation in traditional style — elevated, modern, highly imaginative and iconic.

The Green Jewel Tradition Collection honors Mother Nature, whose organic beauty informs the designs and the role of the powerful female force. The collection unveils The Earth Magic II necklace as its centerpiece. This magnificent jewel, crafted in platinum and 18k rose gold, features a 7.66 carat cushion shape Muzo emerald set with a 1.06 carat fancy intense purplish pink and a rare 0.43 carat fancy purplish red Argyle diamonds surrounded by white and pink diamonds.

The Green Jewel Tradition Collection honors beauty in all its forms, with notable pieces such as The Catalina earrings, which signify grace; the Valentina, embodying courage and strength in a showstopping ring; and the Mariposa, meaning “butterfly” in Spanish, an outstanding Muzo emerald and Argyle pink and blue diamond brooch that transforms into a hair clip, embodying beauty and rarity and transformation.

This is the most innovative Green Jewel collaboration to date, with bold designs and unexpected silhouettes that embrace the richest, most eye-catching, and most vibrant colors in nature: pink and green.

The Green Jewel Tradition Collection presents a true treasure that transcends time and space, inviting all who behold it to lose themselves in the magic and splendor of the Earth’s most precious gems.