Oval Nomad Necklace


Co-founders and sisters Nicole & Kim Carosella founded Sorellina in 2012, inspired by the golden age of their native New York. With an opportunity to develop jewelry that expresses their own unique sensibility, neither subtle nor discreet, Sorellina pieces are bold, made for the urban, modern woman. Sorellina creates a harmonious dichotomy by seamlessly blending opposing ideas of feminine with masculine and vintage with contemporary.

Nicole Carosella
"Kim and I have always been drawn to emeralds because of their rich color and the fact that they can also be worn as a neutral. They have great energy and healing benefits, representing clarity and new beginnings. We’re excited to use Muzo emeralds to create some big, cool pieces that can be worn every day. We wanted to showcase these gorgeous stones in designs that look and feel great even if you’re working from home."

Kim Carosella
"Using natural, responsibly sourced materials is important to us in all of Sorellina's collections. Nicole and I really support Muzo’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability practices. We’re proud to offer our customers beautiful emerald pieces knowing Muzo is always evolving to improve safe working conditions and methods to
prevent environmental damage."

18K Yellow Gold, Muzo Emerald  5.18cts, 18" Oval Link Chain