Silvia Furmanovich
Miniature Painting Earrings


Silvia Furmanovich was born in São Paulo, Brazil, to a line of Italian goldsmiths and learned first hand from her father about the importance of craftsmanship. Her daring designs feature unusual elements such as wood marquetry, ebony, oxidized copper, vintage lacquer, shells, woven bamboo, and netsukes balanced by the rich opulence of yellow gold, rose gold, diamonds, and the dazzling colored gemstones for which Brazil is known.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Colombian emerald mining company Muzo, a pioneer in sustainably sourced emeralds. Aligning with Muzo’s ethos, we combined their emeralds with bamboo, a natural material highly prized for its resilience, flexibility, and durability.”

Bamboo, 18K Yellow Gold, Muzo Emeralds 2.88cts,Diamonds 0.15cts