Robinson Pelham
The Stralle Collection


Zoe Benyon, Vanessa Chilton, and Kate Pelham Burn are the powerhouses behind this modern ready-to-wear Jewelry brand. The three co-directors share over 20 years of experience.Their first decade was solely dedicated to designing bespoke jewels, ultimately helping them develop a great understanding of the customer. Robinson Pelham’s team believes the only justification for jewelry should be that it makes the customer feel good.

“This design is symbolic of vision and light. The emerald portrays the pupil of the eye, ever watchful and surrounded by rays of colorful positivity extending outwards set with sapphires and tsavorites. As a company founded by three women, we love working with Muzo, an equal opportunities employer.”

18k Yellow Gold, Muzo emerald 1.74cts, Yellow sapphire 0.46cts, Orange sapphire 0.48cts, Pink sapphire 0.90cts, Blue sapphire 0.75ct, Purple sapphire 0.52cts, Tsavorite 0.32cts