Nina Runsdorf
Emerald and Diamond Dangle Ring


Nina Runsdorf sources cuts of precious and semi-precious stones, driven by the organic silhouettes, natural forms, and textures of gems to create the design of each piece. At the heart of Runsdorf’s collections are these rare gemstone creations, which is why this is the perfect collaboration. Runsdorf finds there is something both alluring and calming about the intense color of Muzo emeralds.

“I wanted to create a luxurious modern piece that is both inspired by my flip ring and my love of movement and charms. I’m in love with the dazzling and truly mesmerizing greens of Muzo emeralds, and I wanted to find a way to combine these elements.”

Hand Made Platinum Mounting, Muzo Pear shape Emerald 4.12 ct, 2.56ct Pave Diamonds