Loren Nicole
Emerald Waters Earrings


Loren N. Teetelli is the goldsmith and designer of Loren Nicole, a collection of high karat gold jewelry using ethically sourced materials. Formerly an archaeologist and conservator, Loren’s knowledge of ancient jewelry-making techniques, materials, and aesthetics are profound. While inspired by past civilizations, Loren strives to innovate, transform historical knowledge and references into modern wearable jewelry.

“The significant role emeralds played in the colonial history of Colombia and the Spaniard’s efforts to discover the Muzo mine in the new world inspired me. My designs marry the saturated colors of Muzo Emeralds and high karat gold, proving that what is ancient can also be modern.”

22k Yellow Gold, Muzo Emerald Cabochon 11.70ct, Rock Crystal

  • Ref: Mu005