Penacho Necklace


Colette Steckel’s designs reflect her French-Mexican heritage and diverse experiences traveling the world. Her avant-garde aesthetic of feminine romanticism coupled with an edgy sensibility makes for contemporary yet timeless pieces meant to be collected and passed down for generations to come. Pleased to use Muzo’s emeralds, Colette admires their integration of local women into their mining practices and their commitment to advocating on behalf of their entire workforce.

“With emeralds being one of my favorite stones to work with, it felt serendipitous to be asked to collaborate with Muzo. Their rich green stones felt like the perfect match for my Penacho collection, which is inspired by the vibrant feather headdresses worn by ancient Aztec warriors of my home country, Mexico. The Colombian emeralds, coupled with malachite gives the pieces a new dimension, and also evolves Penacho into a collection that not only honors my Mexican heritage, but Latin America as a whole.”

18k White Gold, 6.48ct Muzo Emeralds, 5.70ct Onyx, 5.70ct Malachite, 3.90ct Diamonds

  • Ref: CO-001