Exclusively offering the highest quality emeralds in the world from the legendary Muzo mine in Boyaca, Colombia. 

Stone/Lot Number: 17-0000219-001
Carat weight: 6.73
Shape: Cabochon
Treatment: Cedar Oil
  • Ref: 17-0000219-001

Mysterious and mystical, enveloped in myth and mantled in mountains and jungle, Muzo is surely the most fabled of the world’s great heritage gemstone mines. Hidden away, high up, in rugged, sacred land, laden with riches, the Muzo mine was, and is still today, veined with emeralds of mesmerising light-filled beauty, emeralds revered and worshipped by Aztecs, Incas, Muiscas, for hundreds, even thousands of years. From Muzo in what is now Colombia came the greatest emeralds of history, resonating with the jewelled splendour of the Spanish court, the magnificence of the Mughal treasures, the exoticism of Ottoman opulence; gemstones of intense, intoxicating vibrant green, of a dangerously deep but gloriously sun-kissed hue found nowhere else in the world.

Behold these emeralds: the colour of seduction and spirituality, of enchantment and enlightenment, the colour of paradise, the colour of heaven.