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Spirit of Muzo

Mother Nature leaves her mark on every emerald. Each crystal is one-of-a-kind and possesses unique characteristics that lend it a haunting mystery and an extraordinary personality. Sections of flawless clarity are contrasted by the inclusions, milky spots and fissures that make up the 'garden of the emerald' – the unique fingerprint of the gem

Emerald Quality

A Magnetic Aura

Discovering the Jewels

Muzo emeralds carried their myths and legends with them across oceans and continents and through centuries. Their velvet depths seem infused with the deep spirituality of pre-Columbian civilisations; layered with the passion, meaning and messages ascribed to them by the great Mughal, Ottoman and Persian rulers, with the hauteur of royalty and nobility, the grandeur of the French Empire, the jewelled splendour of the Romanovs, and still more, glossed with the unbridled glamour of 20th century stardom and style.

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