Mine to Maison

Muzo Emerald Colombia is unique in the emerald business in that we have complete control from mine to market. This controlled trail ensures that both the stones themselves and the methods by which they have been processed are of the highest quality.

Mining in Muzo

The Muzo mines in Colombia produce the most desirable emeralds in the world, against which all other emeralds are judged. To have a guarantee that a stone is from a particular mine is unique in the precious stones industry.

Cutting and Polishing of Rough in Bogotá

Exclusive expertise in cutting and polishing provides the highest quality in terms of cut and polish of the stones.


Our quality policy ensures that only non-permanent cedar oil is used to treat the stones, when necessary. This dispels concerns both with regards to the disclosure of treatments as well as to potentially detrimental fillers.


We are the only gem producer in the world equipped to issue the iso 9000 certificate of origin and traceability in-house. This 'passport' for the stone comes complete with photographs.we use integrated it systems in the mines to track the date, place and time of extraction and the shape and weight of each crystal.
The certificate also provides details of the rough and the final carved state of the emerald and indicates whether it has been treated with natural cedar oil.
The Muzo certificate is supported by certification from GemTech, SSEF, GRS, AGL, Gübelin, and other international laboratories.

Distribution through Authorized Agents

Muzo International emeralds are sold exclusively through a network of representatives, which includes the most trusted names in the gemstone and jewelry industry.

Designer collaboration

Our designer collaborations marry the spirit of excellence and beauty. Coveted artists deliver unique and superior quality jewelry pieces, at the center of which are the rarest gems on earth.

Ethical Standards

Throughout this process, commitment to ethical standards remains steadfast, implemented via our Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental initiatives.