The Earth Magic

At the heart of the Green Jewel Encore Collection stands a masterpiece jewel: The Earth Magic. A pendant featuring the finest no-oil emerald emerged from the Muzo mines, never seen comparable in 30 years, weighing 5.25 carats. Our master jeweler adorned this ultra rare gem with fancy pink emerald-cut diamond and round brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink diamond, both rare Argyle Tender stones. These two diamonds represent a scarce fifty to sixty gems - out of some six hundred million diamonds emerging from the Argyle mine each year - that are offered at the annual Argyle Pink Diamond Signature Tender.

  • Emerald Weight: 5.25 carats
  • Emerald Cut: Emerald
  • Certified: No clarity enhancement - SSEF (Swiss Gemmological Institute), Gübelin Gem Lab
  • Argyle Pink Diamonds: 1.01 carat emerald-cut fancy intense pink, and a 0.76-carat round brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink
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Muzo and Argyle

In early 2017, a brilliant relationship between two unique and precious gems was born. Muzo emeralds, renowned as the finest and most exclusive emeralds in the world, were combined with the beyond rare Argyle pink diamonds. These two gems, both breathtakingly beautiful and contrasting in color are responsibly sourced and ethically mined in remote locations. Their union is the cornerstone of the masterfully designed Green Jewel Collection.

Exceptionally Rare

Muzo emeralds are highly sought after and renowned for their breathtaking combination of intense green color, vibrant fire and near-perfect geometry. In fact, they boast a reputation of being the most desired and beautiful emeralds in the world. The Argyle pink diamond is one of the most coveted and rare diamonds in the world. It is renowned for its precious provenance, rare beauty and unique brilliance. Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine produces virtually ninety percent of the world’s production of these beyond rare pink diamonds.

High Jewelry

Emeralds have once again taken center stage in high jewelry. The alluring new emeralds emerging from Muzo are inspiring some of the world’s master jewelers to create exciting new pieces. This collection serves as a shining example of elegance, innovation and ethically sourced gems.