The Earth Magic Necklace

Masterpiece n°2

At the heart of the Green Jewel Encore Collection stands a masterpiece jewel: The Earth Magic. A pendant featuring the finest no-oil emerald emerged from the Muzo mines, never seen comparable in 30 years, weighing 5.25 carats. Our master jeweler adorned this ultra rare gem with fancy pink emerald-cut diamond and round brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink diamond, both rare Argyle Tender stones. These two diamonds represent a scarce fifty to sixty gems - out of some six hundred million diamonds emerging from the Argyle mine each year - that are offered at the annual Argyle Pink Diamond Signature Tender. 

  • Argyle Pink Diamonds: 1.01 carat emerald-cut fancy intense pink, and a 0.76-carat round brilliant-cut fancy vivid pink