The Belle de Nuit Ring

The Green Jewel n°12

The rarity of this no-oil pear-shaped dashing 2.23 carat emerald is beyond ones mind. To accentuate that improbable natural occurrence, the odds are reduced with pink and white diamonds and set in 18K gold.

An Encore Collection was written in the stars. The decadence of gem-quality intense green emeralds, contrasted with intense and vivid pink diamonds in our first Green Jewel Collection aroused instant desire. The unprecedented response, resulting in pieces being sold prior to the publication of the book, inspired Muzo and Argyle to write a second chapter in this love story.

The pièce de résistance of The Green Jewel Encore Collection is the unique Earth Magic pendant.

If the first collection was a heady romance full of grand romantic gestures with large statement pieces, this sequel represents smaller, but finer gems. The emerald center stones are astoundingly and naturally perfect, many of them requiring no treatment with oil.