Michelle Fantaci


Fine jewelry designer and artisan Michelle Fantaci began experimenting with jewelry as a teen. Since then, her delicate, sensual pieces designed to be lived in, from every day to the occasional, have become a favorite among jewelry insiders. Defined entirely by the premium materials she uses and the details in each piece, her creations are simultaneously modern and reminiscent of a lyrical talisman.

"I wanted to recreate a luxe version of vintage, so-called 'cluster' rings using high-quality elements. The precious materials and high level of craftsmanship paired with this particular style suggest a laid back opulence. For the partnership with Muzo to work for me, it meant using not only responsibly-sourced emeralds but also diamonds that come from mines that meet the highest ethical standards of sustainability and human rights."

18k Yellow Gold Lariat, Muzo Organic Cabochon Emeralds 2.28ct

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