Dana Bronfman
Chubby Bezeled Oculus Open Cuff


This open cuff bracelet is an ode to the desert landscape in the southwestern US, with a glowing green emerald to represent cacti, which complements a purple opal with a rich play of color reminiscent of the sunset. Brushed and hammered yellow gold represent the sun, and along with the shapes of the stones and their settings, the earth's silhouettes and contrasting textures in the region. Oculus open space, as always, allows the natural light to shine through to allow the wearer to connect with the gems, letting the piece and its owner achieve their peak luminosity.

  • One-of-a-kind bracelet featuring an oval cabochon Muzo Emerald and purple Australian opal.
  • The Muzo Emerald mine is known for its fair trade principles and for having the best quality and color of any emeralds in the world.
  • Dana's direct relationship with the opal mine in Opalton, Australia, allows her to guarantee their origin.
  • Created using 18 karat yellow fairmined gold. Fairmined gold is sourced from small artisanal gold mines with the highest caliber of environmental and human protections and allow the people developing countries from where gold comes from to benefit economically, environmentally, and socially from their fair mined certification. 
  • Made in New York City from the world's finest materials and ethically-sourced VVS diamonds of approximately .3 ct.
  • Should this bracelet not fit perfectly, it can easily be sized. Please contact us after receiving if it is too big or too small, and we will arrange resizing to your wrist.
  • Ref: 239YFEODB