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Legendary and magical, wrapped in myriad of cultures, The Colombian Muzo emerald mines speak of the mysticism, to spirituality and evokes symbolism to opulence from the ancient civilizations to the royal courts of The New World. The vibrant beauty of the mesmerizing green gem only found in the Muzo mines is imbued with a rich revered and sometimes mysterious history that traveled the globe and today is enjoying a dynamic renaissance and revitalization.  This enchantment and heritage enrich contemporary times so much so, that these renowned emeralds have initiated its own brand of precious gemstones: Muzo Emerald Colombia—a integrated modern “Mine to Maison” emerald house. The house seeks to maintain the symbolism and splendor that characterized emeralds from the ancient to the Art Deco, from aristocracy to Hollywood royalty, yet is today rejuvenated by distinctive artistry and design aesthetics and unparalleled attention to traceability and transparency and preservation of the environment.



Muzo believes in excellence at every stage of the emerald mine-to-market process and follows the precious stones from source with the highest consideration for sustainable, and social standards. Therefore, Muzo has secured its place as custodian of the famed mines and its whole production chain integration of all the sectors of activity from emerald extraction to distribution in compliance with best practices in the natural and social environment in which it operates. We endeavor to protect the local environment through our reforestation, hydro seeding, and erosion control programs. In areas of mining detritus, our automated planting system helps stabilize the soil and restore the beauty of the environment. We have replanted 35,000 square meters of depleted land. Our Green House showcases our efforts to protect the environment and raises awareness and ensuring the safety and welfare of its workers and among the local community and children.



The brand philosophy seeks to honor this legendary gemstone through a balance of distinctive and inspired design and perfection in cutting, polishing and authenticity of creative aesthetics in collaboration with established and emerging talents in the industry. By choosing international, daring, and innovative designers who are setting the relevant trends and directions, yet honor timeless traditions, with our own high jewelry collection we are keeping the famed “green gemstone” alive and creating pieces that millennials to die hard jewelry collectors are drawn to, covet and pass onto the next generation. This pays homage to the heritage through our sustainable actions as we transform the historical site into a 21st century mining phenomenon and an unrivalled gem facility.